Service Account

Service accounts give you additional admin access to our APIs
Service accounts let you programmatically access and alter the building blocks, such as listing all users, creating products or deleting webhooks. Each building block has a section specifying the actions you can do with the admin role.
To get started with a service account, go to settings in your dashboard and generate a new service account. You will also need an API key. Add these to your header in your requests and you are ready to go:
Node SDK
Python SDK
X-Builton-Api-Key: <builton-api-key>
Authorization: Bearer <service-account-key>
const BuiltOn = require('');
const builton = new BuiltOn({
apiKey: '<builton-api-key>'
bearerToken: '<service-account-key>'
from builton_sdk import Builton
builton = Builton(api_key="<builton-api-key>", bearer_token="<service-account-key>")