Get Set Up

There are some hoops to jump through to get access to our APIs. First, you sign up. That gives you access to our dashboard and your API key. That's the only hoop, actually. Just one hoop. But if you want to actually use them, you also want to:

Setup Authentication Provider

It seems likely that you'll want to have users. And that you'll want to keep track of what they do. You can find more info on the authentication providers we support and how to set them up here.

Then what?

There are a few ways to jump into the APIs.
  • Get into the basic nuts & bolts of how our APIs work. Maybe start with how we do Authentication.
  • Go through the Blueprints for use case examples and see what is relevant for your build.
  • Start playing with the Building Blocks. Maybe start by Creating a User.
  • Check out our JavaScript SDK to help you implement the API.
And of course Sign Up.